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Tamada finishes race in unrecovered conditions


Tamada pulled of Round 4 and 5 due to his injury during qualification at the Suzuka 8 Hours in July.  He ranked 2nd in the Championship after his double win at Madras, but pulling out of two races meant that his chances of winning the Championship has been lost.

The final round of the Asia Road Racing Championship took place in Qatar at the Losail International Circuit.  The track boasts a 5.380km course with 16 low to high speed corners, and is famous for its very long home straight. It is known that the course is unkind to the tires, and will require riders to have high setting abilities. This is the only race that will take place under the stars, with a steep drop of temperature when the sun sets.  This will add difficulty to the riders to conquer the circuit.

Although, Tamada’s fractures were ended, pain still remained. From the first practice session, it will be a battle against pain for him. Every time he braked at each corner, terrible pain would attack Tamada. The team tried every way possible to relax the pain, but showed no success. Nevertheless, Tamada continued to run.

Up until qualifying, Tamada’s best lap time was in the late 2 minute 9 seconds.  During qualifying, Tamada, fighting from pain, tried different set-ups. And in the final lap, scored his best lap of 2’08.397 and qualified 16th.


Race was different from qualifying, as he had to run 15 laps. Tamada took stable laps and finished Race 1.  After Race 1, the team, seeing how Tamada suffered from pain, asked him if he would continue to Race 2.  Without hesitation, Tamada replied “Yes, most certainly”, and finished Race 2.

Without any points acquired in the latter half of the season, Tamada finished 8th in the season. Tamada’s teammate Azlan achieved a double win at this race, and triumphed to his first ARRC title. It also meant that Honda achieved a triple crown, and won the rider, team, and the manufacturer title for 2013.

Makoto Tamada
“I thought if I could only endure the pain, I would be able to race, but found out that I can not put enough strength to the place where it hurts. Although, it was not even close to my satisfaction, I chose to run both races, as I did not want to finish the season without completing both races. I am happy that I finished in both races. I am also very happy that my teammate, Azlan, won the Championship. I send him a big Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the team who fought with me through the whole season.  I thank my chief mechanic Nakazawa and my mechanic, Hong for listening to my requests.  My deepest thanks goes to my team manager, Rodney, for always believing in me. I thank Honda and MUSASHi for their continuous support, thank HYOD, SHOEI, and Gaerne for protecting me, and last but not least, to my fans who support me in good and bad. I have things that I could not achieve this year.  I will be back next year to finish what I came here to do.”

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