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Unfortunate malfunction ends Tamada’s race


Makoto Tamada qualified 13th and ran Race 1 both on the same day today at the third round of the Japan Road Racing Championship held at Autopolis today in wet track conditions.

Race 1 was delayed to bad weather. On his second lap, the machine in front of Tamada braked much earlier than he expected, and his front tires collided with the rear tires of the machine in front of him.  Tamada somehow managed to avoid a crash, but at the next corner, he was only to find out that he had no front brakes.  In this dangerous situation, Tamada used his rear brakes and engine brakes to slow down as much as possible, but without the front brakes, Tamada fell after he reached the gravel at about 160kph.

Tamada complains pain in his middle finger on his left hand, but preliminary checkups at the medical center showed no signs of fractures.  In this unfortunate event, he might be actually lucky, because such malfunctions have resulted in a more serious injury.  Tamada is scheduled to race tomorrow in Race 2.

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