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Tamada unsatisfied with results at Sentul



The second round of the Asia Road Racing Championship was held at Sentul International Circuit in Bogor, Indonesia.

The track is famous for its 900 meters long home straight, however, as for the riders, bumpy tracks with gaps was the main concern.

Even in these conditions, Makoto Tamada started out Day one in a smooth ride.  Rather than concentrating on the setup, Tamada continued running on the track, trying to find the best line and riding style to suit this track.  Tamada did not pit in Free Practice 1, and ran the full 40 minutes.  In Free Practice 2, he only briefly pitted once.  He was able to improve his lap time everytime he lapped, and ended 4th in both sessions.

Tamada started to change his settings on Day 2.  He ended 5th in Free Practice 3.  Qualifying was a total different thing for all the riders.  A sudden pour in last corner, made it an difficult condition for them, as the track was full dry, except for the last corner where it was full wet.  The riders had to make a decision if they would sit out and wait for the rain to stop and the track to dry up, but there was the risk of the condition worsening.  All riders, including Tamada, made a decision to run from the beginning of the session.  The track would dry up eventually, and the last 10 minutes of the session was a chaos on the timing and scoring.  Because the condition would improve every minute, a rider would be in P4 and suddenly drop to P20, or vice versa.  No one knew what would happen until the last rider crossed the start-finish line.   Tamada would lap a 1’31.338, his best lap of the week, in the final 3 minutes and qualified 6th.

Race day on Sunday was a hot and humid day, a climate typical of the South East Asian region.  In Race 1, Tamada would drop a few spots on the start, but would eventually make his way up. But his setting would not allow him to pass his forerunners easily.  Even when he did, he would be passed by them again at straights.  It was a frustrating race for Tamada, but finished 5th.

With a better setting in Race 2, Tamada placed himself right behind the leaders in the opening laps.  It did take Tamada a tough fight to stay with the leaders, but was not fast enough to overtake them.  He stayed in fifth for almost the whole duration of the race, but eventually finished 4th, by passing Katsuaki Fujiwara (Kawasaki) towards the end of the race.

The next round of the Asia Road Racing Championship is scheduled to be on July 17-19th at Madras Motor Track in Chennai, India.

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