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Tamada tests at Johor


Makoto Tamada tested at Johor Circuit in Malaysia on April 2nd and 3rd.  The main objective for this test was to shake down his new machine.

Even with temperature rising to 40 degrees Celsius, Tamada was able to make a significant and a large progress on his new machine.  The first day of the test was spent on shaking down the machine and the new engine.  The second day allowed the team to make an unconventional testing method, where they simulated a race weekend and held two practice sessions with two demonstration races.

Tamada’s teammate, Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman, were also present at the test.  Riders Ryuta Kobayashi and Zaqhwan Zaidi from their brother team also attended the test, as well as two Malaysian riders from Honda in an another class.

Tamada easily found a base setting for his new Honda CBR600RR.  The trouble he had at the Official Test at Sepang in February, using the old machine that Kiyonari used last season, was not to be found on the new machine.  Tamada continued searching for a set-up, and made progress significantly.

Azlan, Kobayashi, Zaqhwan, Tamada, along with one other Malaysian rider took part in the two “demo” races.  The “demo” races were held in race speed, in 15 laps.  In Race 1, Tamada lead the race into the final lap, but was taken over by Azlan and finished 2nd.  Tamada did not allow Azlan to do that in Race 2, and finished the race on the top position.

Makoto Tamada
“The trouble I had at the Official Test at Sepang was not there at all.  We made big progress today, and we are now at race speed.  We found  good balance and speed for the Honda CBR600RR, and we would improve every time we make a change, and I am very confident now.  Azlan has speed too, so I can’t wait for the season to open”

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