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Tamada not to race at Autopolis

After withdrawing from round 4 of the 2013 Petronas Asia Road Racing Championship at Suzuka last week, Tamada traveled with the team to Autopolis, in preparation of the next round.  Although his physical condition has not changed from Suzuka, Tamada was willing to give it another try.  However, considering the risk involved in Tamada racing, the team made a decision for Tamada not to race at Autopolis.

The team needs Tamada to be in a 100% physical condition at the final round in Qatar, therefore, having Tamada race at Autopolis, in a not fully recovered condition, would be too much of a risk to take.  Tamada will remain with the team at Autopolis, and give support and advice to his teammates.

Makoto Tamada
“I was planning to ride the free practice to see if I can race today, but as the team decided, it would take a lot of risk.  I will do what the team says, and get back to a fully recovered condition by the race at Qatar”

Rodney Peh, Team Manager
“I understand that Tamada wants to ride, especially after his double win at Madras, where his motivation is high.  However, he is not yet at 100%, and we cannot take the risk for him to race at Autopolis.  We need him to be fully recovered at Qatar.  If  the team and Azlan is going to be fighting for the Championship at Qatar, we need Tamada to be in his best.  Therefore, we made the decision and told Tamada to rest this one out”

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