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Pre-season testing for Tamada starts

tamada_test14_1The 2014 Asian Road Racing Championship Pre-season Test started today at Sepang International Circuit today.

Tamada left the worries of the influence of his injuries behind, but passing his best time of the same test last year in his 3rd lap.  He continued on testing his machine, trying to find the best solution for himself and for the team.  He placed 4th, 5th, and 4th in three practice sessions on the first day.  He timed the top time for a Honda in the third session.

Tamada says he’s not worried about his time gap between the top-timed riders.  He made the lap times at ease without pushing, and he is confident he can mend the gap when he pushes.  Also, he has confirmed today the advantages and the disadvantages with his rivals.

Testing will continue tomorrow, and Tamada plans to continue finding the best base solution for his machine, as well as spending time on the testing menu he is expected to do for the team.

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