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Tamada assumes role of rider instructor at Suzuka Racing School


The Suzuka Racing School’s (SRS) 2 wheel program will be renewed for 2016. The new “SRS-Moto” will concentrate on developing young Japanese riders, for them to enable to be competitive in World Championships in the future. Former MotoGP rider, Makoto Tamada will take role of rider instructor in this new program.

The SRS-Moto will implement a Scholarship program, for outstanding students to compete in high level racing. With this renewal, the Suzuka Racing School 2 wheel program has made addition to its instructors, with former WGP rider and current Honda Team Asia team principal, Tadayuki Okada as school’s principal.  In addition to Tamada, former MotoGP rider, Shinya Nakano will also participate as rider instructor.

Tamada has been active in developing young Asian riders, and with this new role, he will be active in developing young Japanese riders as well. He will continue his role in developing young Asian riders.

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