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First front row for Tamada in Madras


Round 3 of the 2013 Asia Road Racing Championship came back to India after two years.  Qualifying took place on day 2, and Tamada marked a 1’43.593 and qualified 2nd, his first front row start of the season.

Tamada’s teammate, Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman took Pole Position. Azlan, the current point leader, was the only one who lapped in the 42’s, at a lap time of 1’42.785, and gave MUSASHi Boon Siew Honda Racing a proud 1-2 grid. Zamri Baba of Yamaha qualified 3rd

Tamada, after qualification, commented, “The course is similar to Assen before the renovation.  I didn’t like Assen at that time. The layout is a tough one, making the arms pump up after each session, and the heat here does not help.  I am happy that I got into the front row, but Azlan is much quicker.  The key tomorrow would be how I can manage my arms from pumping up, and to concentrate throughout the whole race.”

For other Japanese riders, Katsuaaki Fujiwara (Kawasaki) came in 4th.  Yuki Ito (Yamaha) came in 6th, followed by Ryuta Kobayashi (Honda) in 7th.  Former WGP rider, Tomoyoshi Koyama (Honda) came in 9th, and his teammate Satoru Iwata (Honda) in 11th.  Makoto Inagaki (Yamaha) qualified 12th, Mitsunori Okamura (Yamaha) 17th, and Takahiro Sowa (Yamaha) 23rd.

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