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Tamada is married!!


Makoto Tamada, announces his marriage to Miss Miwa Moriki.  They officially handed it in their wedding papers on July 4th, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.  They are planning to hold a wedding ceremony by the end of this year.

Tamada met his bride, Miss Miwa Moriki through a friend two years ago.  Although Tamada being a racer, and Miss Moriki being a model made it difficult, they made time to see each other, and let their love grow until they made this big decision in their lives.

Makoto Tamada

“I am very happy that I am now married.  Miwa understands my job as a racer, and always put me on top of everything.  With her, I became confident that we will overcome everything in life, and that’s when I made my decision to propose.  I thank her sincerely for marrying a guy like myself.  Please cheer for us from now.”
Miss Miwa Moriki

“Just being with him made me happy, and his sincerity made me feel that I want to spend my life with him, which came quite naturally.  I wish to respect each other, bring out the best of each other, and have a warm family.  I also respect his attitude towards his job as racer.  I wish to support him in every I can so that he can always race at his best”

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